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Telemecanique Products

Render Technology Solutions Supply and deal with Telemecanique Products in India.

Telemecanique Sensors, is a brand of Schneider Electric, specializes in sensors and sensor-related technology. Telemecanique, now Schneider Electric, provides products and services for industrial control and automation.

We supply Telemecanique Sensors, Relays, Switches , Power Supply, Encoder in India.

Telemecanique Limit Switches

  • Limit switches OsiSense XC standard
  • Limit switches ex Osiswitch partial

Telemecanique Inductive & Capacitive sensors

  • Inductive proximity OsiSense XS & capacitive proximity OsiSense XT
  • Inductive and capacitive proximity sensors

Telemecanique Photoelectric sensors

  • Photoelectric OsiSense XU
  • Photo-electric sensors

Telemecanique Ultrasonic sensors

  • Ultrasonic OsiSense XX
  • Ultrasonic sensors - ex OsiSonic

Pressure Sensors & Level Control

  • Pressure switches OsiSense XM
  • Sensors for pressure control - ex nautilus

RFID - Identification Control

  • RFID OsiSense XG
  • RFID and inductive identification system

Telemecanique Encoders

  • Encoders OsiSense XCC
  • Rotary encoders - ex OsiCoder

Safety Switches

  • Safety switches Preventa XCS
  • Safety switches