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Render Technology Solutions deal with all kinds of Schmersal Safety Products

Render Technology Solutions deal with all kinds of Schmersal Sensor, schmersal limit switch, schmersal safety relay

Render Technology Solutions deal & stock all kinds of Schmersal Sensor in India.

Schmersal are well known as one of the leading suppliers of safety Sensor, switches and push buttons. Render Technology Solutions can supply everything you need to keep your machinery and employees safe.

We deal in below Schmersal Products In India

Schmersal Safety Relay

Schmersal Safety Relay supplier

We supply Schmersal Safety Relay in India. All versions of the family of safety relay modules PROTECT SRB-E can be used in applications up to Cat. 4 / PL e in accordance with ISO 13849-1 and up to SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 62061 / IEC 61508.
A major advantage of the new SRB-E series is its multi-functionality which allows all the variants to be used with several existing SRB modules. Each module can be configured for up to 12 different applications via a simple control element.
All conventional safety sensors and electromechanical safety equipment can be monitored.

  • Up to 16 different applications can be selected
  • Monitoring of all conventional safety switchgear
  • Excellent switching performance and short cycle times
  • Safety level of up to PL e / SIL 3 can be achieved
  • Simple adjustment using rotary switch
  • Slot-in termination with coding
  • Selected application can be locked using seal
  • Quick response time (< 10 ms) to request

Schmersal Limit Switch

Schmersal Limit Switch supplier

We supply Schmersal Lever Limit Switch SPDT Schmersal Safe Switching And Monitoring, For Machine Tools. Schmersal limit switch is a switch operated by the motion of a machine part or presence of an object. They are used for controlling machinery as part of a control system, as a safety interlocks, or to count objects passing a point.

  • 24VDC Schmersal Limit Switch
  • Az3350-03zk Schmersal Limit Switch
  • Schmersal Limit Switch

Schmersal Safe switching and monitoring

Schmersal Switch supplier

In the "Safe Switching and Monitoring" section, you will discover wellbeing transfer modules for different security innovation applications (for example for crisis stop and gatekeeper entryway observing) just as concentrated programmable security controllers and decentralized field transport frameworks, for example a particular idea for wellbeing capacities control on little machines.

  • Safety switch with separate actuator
  • Solenoid interlock
  • Pull-wire emergency stop switches
  • Emergency-Stop button
  • Control panels
  • AS interface safety at work
  • Door handle actuator
  • Position switch
  • Safety light barriers
  • Safety light curtains
  • Two-hand control panels
  • Key transfer system
  • Safety switch for hinged guards
  • Safety sensors
  • Enabling device
  • Safety-related tactile sensor
  • Foot switch

Schmersal Safe signal processing

In the "Safe Signal Processing" section, you will discover security hand-off modules for different wellbeing innovation applications (for example for crisis stop and watchman entryway checking) just as brought together programmable security controllers and decentralized field transport frameworks, for example a secluded idea for security capacities control on little machines.

  • Guard door monitors
  • Output expanders
  • Safety control modules
  • Multi-function safety modules
  • Fail-safe standstill monitors
  • Programmable safety controllers
  • Fail-safe delay timer
  • Input expander

Schmersal Automation technology

In the "Automation Technology" section, you will discover exchanging apparatuses for the mechanical position location in different fields of utilization just as (security) sensors with various working standards; this segment besides incorporates a far reaching system of direction and flagging gadgets.

  • Inductive proximity switch
  • Photo-electric proximity switches
  • Slack-wire switch
  • Belt alignment switch
  • Shaft encoder
  • Position switch
  • Magnetic reed switch
  • Gear-switches
  • Micro switches
  • Rotating spindle limit switch
  • Pull-wire switches
  • Foot switch
  • Command and signalling devices