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Klaschka is well know brand from Germany, We supply Klaschka Sensor in India for more than decade.

Klaschka sensors in industrial plant and machinery are basic elements for automation. Since these non-contact, free-of-wear sensors work contactless and have no effect on the part they detect, their service life is almost unlimited. They are insensitive against pollution and can be used for a large ambient temperature range. Proximity switches detect, with short response times, the final and intermediate positions for rotary and linear motions of machine parts. Fast pulse sensors, equipped with evaluation devices, determine incrementally the rotational speed, stroke rate, and frequency as well as the position and the speed of moving machine parts. Distance and position sensors supply either a current or a voltage (as option) which is analog to the measured variable. They are inexpensive absolute-value-devices with short operating times.

Inductive proximity switches for plant and machinery are non-contact and contactless operating sensors for sensing the movement of drives and mechanical components. They are free of mechanical wear and are mainly used as end-position switches, but their robustness (completely moulded) and high switching frequency allow to use them also for many other purposes, for example as pulse sensors / encoders for monitoring rotation speed. They are preferably used for high switching frequencies and operating speeds, for switching point precision and reliability, and for operation under harsh conditions.

Inductive Proximity Switches Supplier

Klaschka Inductive Proximity Switches

Contrary to inductive proximity switches, pulse sensors are, by their high geometrical resolving power, suitable for the detection of fine textures and fast motions (not suitable for axial approach and non-magnetic materials). Pulse Sensors are mainly used for the determination of rotational speed and rotating direction of waves with the help of gear wheels starting from module 0.3. This allows to use these pulse sensors in particular for speed monitoring, incremental encoding, for counting tasks, for position controlling, and forward-backward recognition. These speed sensors are, for example, also suitable for sensing racks or magnetic tapes in order to detect the speed and direction of linear motions.

Pulse Sensors Supplier

Klaschka Pulse Sensors

  • for different materials (e. g. metal, plastic, wood)
Ultrasonic sensors with a high measuring range for the detection of different materials (for example metals, plastic, wood). Also with analog output signal for distance measurement.

Ultrasonic Sensors Supplier

Klaschka Ultrasonic Sensors

  • for different materials (e. g. paper, plastic, wood)
Capacitve sensors are used for sensing different materials (e. g. paper, edge control of plastic sheets, breakage monitoring of transmission belts, liquid level monitoring, and level control of bulk goods, granules, or even liquids).

Capacitive Sensors Supplier

Klaschka Capacitive Sensors