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Bihl+Wiedemann India.

Supplier for Bihl+Wiedemann Products

We are Bihl+Wiedemann Products Supplier in India Bihl+Wiedemann is well know brand from Germany. We supply Bihl+Wiedemann products in India for more than decade.

Bihl+Wiedemann AS-Interface masters - Gateways

Bihl+Wiedemann Gateways supplier

With the ASi gateways from Bihl+Wiedemann you can transmit digital and analog data which have been read remotely through ASi slaves to the host controller and set the output signals from the host controller to the actuators over the respective bus system.

Our gateways communicate according to the ASi-3 resp. ASi-5 standard and therefore ensure optimal exchange of the data. They are simple and quick to install and commission. The user benefits from the variety of standard implemented diagnostics functions such as duplicate address detection, earth fault and EMC monitoring as well as an optional PLC functionality.

Double Masters in one gateway are an especially cost-efficient approach. This allows two ASi circuits to be controlled by one gateway. The “1 Gateway, 1 power supply for 2 ASi circuits” version also requires just one power supply for both ASi circuits.

Bihl+Wiedemann Safety I/O Modules

Bihl+Wiedemann Safety I/O Modules supplier

Bihl+Wiedemann offers the right module for accessing any safety input signal. Both control cabinet modules (IP20) and field modules (IP67) are available. From a single safety input or output to safety multi-I/O modules we offer the right ASi slave for your requirements. Many of our modules also include available outputs for standard signals.

  • All Safety I/O Modules: SIL 3, Cat. 4, PLe
  • Compact form factor
  • Safety inputs and standard outputs in one module

Bihl+Wiedemann PCB modules

Bihl+Wiedemann PCB modules supplier

In addition to the gateways with fieldbus and Ethernet interfaces as well as devices with USB ports, Bihl+Wiedemann also offers solutions with all the common hard- and software interfaces for PC-assisted automation. We have the right ASi Master for each task.

Bihl+Wiedemann Switches/Buttons

Bihl+Wiedemann Switches/Buttons supplier

Bihl+Wiedemann offers a range of control and signal devices based on an innovative enclosures. The basic line is available from stock. On request it is also possible to equip the enclosure with one or two locations with any of the common control and signal devices (lights, buttons, illuminated buttons, key switches, select switches, E-Stop, etc.) The control and signal devices are designed for extruded rail mount (40mm), but can also be individually attached using a mounting clip. The ASi connection is made conveniently using an M12 connection. For safety applications we also offer a safe ASi E-STOP switch module.

Bihl+Wiedemann Speed Monitor

Bihl+Wiedemann Speed Monitor supplier

Bihl+Wiedemann offers with the speed monitors an effective method for safe processing of signals from sensors and encoders, enabling for example a safety reduced speed for setup operations. Each speed monitor can be incorporated into the control feedback circuit using adapters and cables already available, without affecting the actual control process.