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Baumer India

Authorized Distributor for Baumer Sensors - Encoders

Baumer Sensors and Encoders - total automation solution

Sensors, proximity switches and light barriers for object and position detection.

Baumer Object Detection

  • Inductive proximity switches
  • Light barriers / diffuse sensors
  • Fiber optic sensors
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Magnetic and cylinder sensors
  • Precision mechanical switches
  • Edge measurement & detection

Sensors for detecting distances and distance information from the µm range to over 40 m.

Distance measurement

  • Optical distance sensors
  • Ultrasonic distance sensors
  • Radar sensors
  • Inductive distance sensors
  • Linear magnetic encoders
  • Measuring wheel encoders
  • Cable transducers

Measurement of one or more object dimensions and detection of object form characteristics such as height, width, length, gap, profile or edge information.

2D / 3D sensors

  • PosCon profile sensors
  • Light-band sensors
  • VeriSens vision sensors

Camera-based inspection, identification and process control.

Image processing / identification

  • Industrial cameras
  • VeriSens vision sensors
  • Code reader (1D/2D)
  • Text reader (OCR/OCV)
  • Software
  • Starter Kits
  • Tools
  • Custom imaging components

Baumer Capacitive Sensor

Baumer Capacitive sensor supplier

We are Baumer Distance Sensor supplier in India, Optical distance sensors Precise distance, spacing and position measurements even on challenging surfaces, Fast, accuracy in the submicrometer range and distances of up to 13 meters, Reliably even on very rough, shiny or dark surfaces, Very high ambient light immunity, Large selection of performance classes, sizes and beam shapes.

  • Baumer Miniature sensors
  • Baumer Performance sensors
  • Baumer Long measuring Sensor
  • Baumer Optical sensors
  • Baumer laser distance sensors
  • Reliable and efficient processes
  • Sustainable robust solutions
  • Easy operation and integration
  • Measuring the thickness of metal, ceramics, wood panels or elastic bands
  • Highly accurate distance measurements, for example in quality inspection
  • Position feedback in industrial automation
  • Level control, e.g. in the packaging industry
Multi-faceted and varied applications require laser distance sensors with versatile performance features. Besides different dimensions and ranges, beam formation plays a particularly important role. Thanks to continuous further development, Baumer is in a position to offer the new "multi-spot" measuring principle with three different beam shapes
Flyer – Laser distance sensor OM70 multi-spot     EN (pdf | 343 KB)
Flyer – Laser sensor OADM 250     EN (pdf | 218 KB)
Brochure – Photoelectric sensors Series 14     EN (pdf | 398 KB)
Catalog – Product Overview – Innovative Sensor Solutions     EN (pdf | 9 MB)