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We are authorized distributor of Baumer India

Render Technology Solutions has established as a professional automation products supplier and providing engineering solutions for manufacturing industries.

Baumer is a well established brand in Industry and Baumer Products and Tamagawa Products are sucessfully working in all kinds of Industry.

We offer a wide range of Baumer products in India, which includes Baumer Sensors, Baumer Encoders, Baumer Hubner products, Baumer Thalheim and Baumer IVO Products.

We also offers a wide Range of Tamagwa Japan Products which Includes Tamagawa Smartsyn Resolver, Tamagwa Resolvers, Tamagawa Gyros , Tamagawa AC Servo Motors, Tamagawa DC Motors, Tamagawa LVDTs , Tamagawa Encoders , Tamagawa Alternators.


We have been accompanying our customers in the design and development of their systems with the help of our innovative solutions, whatever the end application maybe and so far we have done a great job in assisting our customers all over India.

Render Technology feels proud to be a largest Stockiest and Supplier of Baumer products and Tamagawa Make Products in India.

Render Technology Solutions is the answer for your international as well as domestic projects. Our philosophy is to help you to enhance productivity, safety and convenience while reducing energy consumption and running costs.

Moreover, Render Technologies also offer customized solutions designed for your line of business, whether you are in
the Special Machine industry, Textile Industry, Beverage Industry, Packaging Industry, Steel Industry, Automotive industry or Wind  Industry.

Therefore, we guarantee that our suggestions and solutions are perfectly customized as per your needs.

Our strategic vision is to gain market share using new selling and marketing techniques and embracing new technologies. We always aim to give an unsurpassed service, and constantly look to improve.

Some of best Baumer Products and Tamagwa Products which we proud to offer are as follows :

And many more ………Please check our Products page for complete Information on all the Baumer Products we offer.

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